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Spencer Rodney

Spencer Rodney grew up in the small town of Rosamond, California where he spent all of his adolescent years. He graduated from Rosamond High school, and upon graduating he left his hometown to begin college at California State University, Fullerton to embark upon his journey of life in becoming a man and a leader that God had ordained him to be. Spencer graduated from California state University Fullerton with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing in pursuit of one day owning his own barbershop and concentrating on marketing his vision within his community. During his second year of college in 2007 he decided to take his vision to the next level by obtaining his California state license in barbering.

He built strong relationships over the course of that year at CSUF while obtaining his barbers license.

Spencer expresses a great gratitude for all those brothers that allowed him to practice cutting hair in his small Fullerton dorm and apartment, because they were the foundation of his career and future legacy. Most importantly, while attending college Spencer met his friend, partner, confidant, and the love of his life Autumn Tucker. After graduating, he decided to make that love last forever and to tie the knot! Spencer and Autumn now have an amazing son that carries Spencer’s name and was born just 4 days after Spencer’s birthday on October 8th 2015. After the first three years of barbering as a professional, Spencer at that time knew that was his passion and calling that God had planned for him all along.

He worked at Aunique barbershop in Anaheim California for 7yrs and learned a tremendous amount about the industry.

After moving to Compton California he decided to leave Anaheim and come cut closer to home. As there lives were taking a turn in life God spoke to both of them and gave them the vision of R’H.O.U.S.E. There is is deep rooted passion for serving people and sharing love in the both of them. Spencer believes he has been called to be an example, and a mentor for the youth. To teach young men and women that with faith and hard work anything is possible! The name R’H.O.U.S.E, means Rodney’s hair, originality, uniqueness, style, and excellence. The name came from mixing the two most comfortable places people love to be, their homes and the shop!

As Spencer cut more and more informally at home and entertained in his home often, the vision illuminated itself through those various interactions.As the vision has come to fruition over these past few years, the Rodney’s have been blessed with a new home that has an additional piece of commercial property already set in place to conduct business. R’H.O.U.S.E is coming and ready to take the industry to the next level! Keeping the focus on God and His kingdom, R.H.O.U.S.E is ready to change the world!

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